Croatia_FlagEvery experience I've had in the dentist's chair has been miserable, until now at Dr. Pavan Patil and Dr. Seema Patil. The work they done on my teeth has been top quality. The attention to detail is amazing. Everything was better than I thought is possible. I liked the explanation of what was going on during the procedure. They listened to me, and only recommended what I really needed. They outstanding not only in his dentistry, but in his personal manner. Dr Pavan accommodated me despite of his busy schedules. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and very professional but also friendly and informative. I can't thank them enough!

Mrs. Gordana Berger , Croatia

franceI got a Root Canal and dental cap done @ Cosmozone,dental clinic Greater Noida.I have taken dental treatments from South Korea and also in New Delhi.However after my RCT and dental cap @ Cosmozone dental clinic,Greater Noida I am now planning to get a dental implants also done here.

Frank Turmine, Paris, France

england I had dental implants which were placed in the wrong positions. Many dentists voiced their inability to treat the condition. Then, I found Dr Patil on a web search and God, I was over the moon when he got my teeth on track again. Now, I recommend all my friends to seek treatment from him.

David Barn, Liverpool, England.

india Dr Pavan Patil treated my child who was born with a cleft lip and palate and gave him a fresh lease of life. I owe my happiness in life to him. God bless him.

Jessy Mathew, Amedabad, India

india I had consulted three dentists who all refused to try and save my badly broken molar tooth. Dr Seema restored my molar tooth perfectly with her expertise in the post and core tooth filling. Fantastic result!

Reena, Greater Noida, India

india Dr Seema Patil treated me for the accidental loss of my front upper teeth. I was amazed at what good dentistry can do to your looks. I feel myself again. Thanks to Cosmozone.

Ravinder Jain, Delhi, India.

india I had broken my jaw in an accident. Dr Pavan fixed my jaw in an hour and Iwas happy to be eating again just six hours after the operation. Lucky me!

Manoj Ahuja, Greater Noida, India.

india My gums used to bleed regularly. Dr Seema treated me untiringly for six weeks and got my gums back to their healthy best. Her dedication to work is unmatched.

Sharad Chakraborthy, Greater Noida,India.

india I was rejected in the medical check up in the Indian Navy my upper front teeth had a lot of spaces between them. Dr Seema got all my front teeth to be perfectly aligned. I finally cleared the check up and got the job. My family and I are indebted a lot to madam Seema.

Joginder Sharma, Bulandshahr, India.

india I was chosen to represent my accountancy firm in the USA twice but later rejected as my protrusive jaw hindered my self confidence. Dr Pavan Patil overturned my fortunes with a single mind boggling surgery of my jaws. He has wonderful talent and is a confident surgeon.

Nitesh Kumar, Gurgaon, India.

india My father was afflicted with oral cancer. Dr Pavan Patil saved his life and got him back to mainstream activity. He is the best surgeon in Greater Noida.

Hemanth Goel, Indore, India

india I got a bad lower molar tooth removed by Dr Pavan Patil. Contrary to my fears, the tooth removal exercise was very quick and almost completely painless. For this I have to thank Dr Patil's skilled hands, his surgical experience, and his deep knowledge of related medications & instruments. This is certainly one of the best dental health care one can get!

Roopesh Shrivastav, India