Oral Faciomaxillary Surgery Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Facial cosmetic surgery has long been the solution of choice for the correction of physical malformations resulting from aging, disease, injury and birth defects. In recent years, however, a growing number of men and women of all ages are choosing facial cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance and reduce the signs of aging.

Candidates for Cosmetic Surgery

Thanks to the development of advanced medical devices and biomaterials, many of today’s facial cosmetic procedures are minimally invasive and can be performed in an office setting using local and/or intravenous anaesthesia. Some procedures may require use of an outpatient or same day surgery centre, or hospital.

Because of their surgical and dental background, oral and maxillofacial surgeons are uniquely qualified to perform cosmetic procedures that involve the functional and aesthetic aspects of the face, mouth, teeth and jaws. Extensive education and training in surgical procedures involving soft tissue (skin and muscle) and hard tissue (bone and cartilage) finely attune the oral and maxillofacial surgeon to the need for harmony between facial appearance and function.

Following are some of the procedures available to you. Your oral and maxillofacial surgeon may perform other surgeries not listed here. Make an appointment to discuss your personal situation.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

  • Cheekbone Implants (Malar Augmentation) create the appearance of higher, more prominent cheekbones and better facial balance.
  • Chin Surgery (Genioplasty) increases or reduces the length and projection of the chin.
  • Cosmetic Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) is usually done to set prominent ears back closer to the head, or to change the shape or reduce the size of large ears.
  • Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) removes fat and excess skin from the upper and lower eyelids, and can be done alone or in conjunction with other facial surgery procedures such as a facelift or browlift.
  • Cosmetic surgery face lift (Rhytidectomy) provides a more youthful appearance by tightening facial skin, muscles and removing excess skin. A mini facelift is a minimally invasive technique involving only small incisions.
  • Facial Liposuction can help sculpt the face by removing excess fat. Neck liposuction is also performed in conjunction with such procedures as genioplasty and corrective jaw surgery.
  • Forehead/Brow Lift is often done in conjunction with blepharoplasty to improve brow positioning, minimize frown lines and reduce forehead wrinkles.
  • Lip Enhancement can reshape the upper and lower lip to give a more aesthetic or youthful appearance. Augmentation of the lips is accomplished using various materials that help “plump” the lips, creating fullness and decreasing vertical lines.
  • Nasal Reconstruction (Rhinoplasty) can reduce or increase the size of your nose, change the shape of the tip or the bridge, narrow the span of the nostrils, or change the angle between your nose and your upper lip.

Skin Treatments

Several techniques exist for treating skin that is wrinkled, scarred or otherwise damaged. The amount of improvement varies and depends upon the initial condition of the patient’s skin and the procedure.

  • Botox Injections can reduce the signs of aging by reducing the muscle activity and wrinkles of the eyebrow and forehead. It is especially effective in reducing frown lines.
  • Chemical Peel involves the application of a solution that causes the wrinkled or damaged top layers of skin to peel, revealing new, healthier skin after healing. There are several types of chemical peels: a light peel to remove superficial wrinkles, a medium depth peel, and a deep peel for more severe conditions.
  • Dermabrasion smoothes surface irregularities to produce a more uniform appearance.
  • Laser //? Through the use of a special laser, the outer layers of the damaged or wrinkled skin are removed. The new skin appears healthier and smoother, giving a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance.
  • Injectable Fillers (Restylane, Collagen, etc.) are synthetic or naturally occurring materials that are placed with small needles to plump wrinkles, furrows or grooves in the skin. The results are instantaneous although the duration varies with the material chosen.

Facial cosmetic surgery may refine, enhance and/or rejuvenate existing features. It will not give you a new face or a new life. How much or how little change is realized depends on the individual and the extent of the surgical procedure. Your age, health, skin texture, bone structure, healing capacity and personal habits, such as smoking or alcohol consumption, are all factors that may affect the results of your surgery.

Facial cosmetic surgery costs

Cost is likely an important consideration in your decision to undergo facial rejuvenation. Facial plastic surgery cost can vary greatly based on the procedure, the surgeon and even the area of the country where it is being performed (and whether or not you have to travel to get there!).

Generally, the facial plastic surgery cost comprises the surgeon’s fee, anaesthesia fee, operating room fee and implant fee (if applicable). There are hidden costs that are not necessarily included in the estimate as well. These may include blood work, X-rays or other diagnostic tests, and a physical exam by your primary care doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to have surgery. Any prescription drugs, special bandaging or elastic garments are also extra. Make sure you have as complete an estimate as possible before booking your surgery. We at Cosmozone offer affordable cosmetic surgery to provide you with the desired new look.