Patient Safety


A significant part of patient safety is the prevention of oral disease by the proper sterilization of dental equipments used in the patient’s mouth. Sterilization at our clinic and the techniques employed are as modern and of high quality as you will find in any health care facility. From the disinfection and cleaning of the room after each patient to the ultrasonic cleaning and autoclave sterilization of instruments, you can be assured that infection control and patient safety is a priority at Cosmozone Dental Clinic.

  • All instruments and hand pieces that are used in the patient’s mouth are steam autoclaved after each patient.
    Disposable items are used as much as possible. These are discarded after each use and are never reused.
  • The doctor and assistants wear disposable gloves and facemasks to prevent the spread of any germs to the patient. These masks and gloves are discarded after each patient and are never reused.
  • The doctor and assistant also wear protective eyewear, whenever necessary
  • All autoclave sterilization units are monitored each week for their effectiveness. A sterilization test strip is submitted to an outside laboratory to perform the test.
  • All lights, chairs, delivery systems and surfaces of the treatment room are either covered by a protective barrier or cleaned after each patient with a disinfectant solution. All protective barriers used are also replaced after each patient and never reused.

If you ever have any questions concerning our sterilization techniques, please ask. We have a proper method of disposing biomedical waste. We have registered with Greater Noida Municipal Corporation for management of clinic waste.

National Patient Safety

National Patient Safety goals are designed to oversee the nationwide reduction and prevention of inadvertent harm to patients as a result of their care. We at Cosmozone believe in an extremely good culture of patient safety in healthcare and hence abide and follow these guidelines very strictly.
What does your involvement in patient safety mean to you and your family?

  • It means we need you to provide detailed information about your condition.
  • It means that you should clearly understand your diagnosis and treatment plan and know what to expect.
  • It means keeping us informed of any changes in your condition, good or bad, such as an allergic reaction to a drug.
  • It means we want you to speak up when you have a question about any aspect of your care.
  • We want you to become a partner in the development of a safe care plan. Your active involvement will help us consistently do the right thing at the right time for the right person //? you.