Oral Faciomaxillary Surgery Ear Shape Size Correction

Ear correction surgery or ear pinning is medically known as Otoplasty or Pinnaplasty. This is a cosmetic procedure to help people who consider their ears to be too prominent. The condition is sometimes referred to as Bat Ears.

Ear correction surgery or ear reshaping may be desired by people of all ages, and can be suitable for children from around the age of 5 through to adults with ear deformities. In many cases, the ear size and shape are inherited and a trend can be apparent across other family members. Ear operation or ear reduction may be desired by people with prominent ears that lack a normal fold, or when one ear is more prominent than the other. In addition to its aesthetic benefits, ear correction surgery can also boost self-confidence, eliminate possible bullying and teasing and so have a positive effect on a patient’s life.
Ear Reconstruction Procedure

Ear repair surgery, or Otoplasty, is a simple operation which adjusts the shape of the ear’s cartilage to allow the ear to lie closer to the side of the head. The operation is usually carried out with local anaesthetic, although general anaesthetic is an option for children or more nervous patients.

During ear reconstructive surgery an incision is made behind the ear. The cartilage is then re-shaped; any excess is removed and then sutured into a more normal position. An ear correction surgery procedure takes about 30 minutes. Following the operation, the small scars are hidden behind the ears and are not noticeable.

Patients having ear correction surgery under local anaesthetic feel no pain and are able to go home shortly after surgery. Occasionally patients may prefer, or be advised to stay in the hospital overnight thus giving time for all the effects of general anaesthetic to wear off if this type of anaesthetic has been used.

Recovery following Ear Correction Surgery

The patient’s ear will usually be bandaged immediately following surgery for protection and to promote the best support and healing position for the ears. The ears may be slightly red, sore, or bruised following your ear correction surgery. Any mild discomfort should last a couple of days and can be treated with painkillers as directed by your consultant.

Following the operation you will be required to rest and avoid strenuous activities for at least a couple of weeks. It is important that you follow your surgeon’s advice and direction for physical activity, especially contact sports where the ears might be bent like rugby or boxing. Washing the hair and wearing the bandages especially at night. Hair washing can usually return to normal after 1 week, once the bandages are removed.

You may need to go back to the hospital for a post op check-up and to have your head dressing or stitches removed. Stitches will either be dissolvable or will be removed after about a weeks’ time.

Adult patients can normally go back to work about one week after surgery depending on the type of job they do. Children having the surgery can be ready to go back to school around seven days after the op. They will however need to be careful with playground and gym activities so it may be a good idea to inform the school of the surgery and after care procedure.

Ear Pinning Cost in India

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